Here, at Robin Hood we have a whole host of Mascots which we bring out to visit the children on weekends and events.
These mascots can also be added to any child’s party booked with us to present the cake which are an incredibly exciting add on and only £20!

Here is the current list of our awesome mascot team

⭐️ JJ Cocomelon ⭐️ Mirabel
⭐️ Peter Rabbit ⭐️ Marshall
⭐️ Chase
⭐️ Skye
⭐️ Poppy Troll ⭐️Minion
⭐️ Olaf
⭐️ Mickey
⭐️ Minnie
⭐️ Lego Batman ⭐️Lego Robin
⭐️ Spider Man
⭐️ Iron Man
⭐️ Peppa Pig
⭐️ Goofy
⭐️ Sonic
⭐️ Donald Duck
⭐️ Daisy Duck
⭐️ Bluey
⭐️ Dino The Dinosaur
⭐️ The Incredible Hulk

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